Media, marketing and public relations experience
Specialising in small to medium businesses
Published articles across various sectors
Budget management experience
Advertising booking experience
Web management from concept to maintenance
Paper and email mail outs with monitoring
Registration and protection of trademarks
Public speaking engagements and experience
Market analysis through traditional surveys
Industry association involvement
Natural and environmental sciences technical expertise
Sue Henderson,  Director  Riverlands Nursing Service.

“Riverlands Nursing Service is wonderful at caring for the disabled and the aged but we needed a thought through direction for our business growth. We are really happy with the marketing plan Penelope’s Garden developed for us. The plan provided a better understanding of the industry environment our business exists within, the opportunities available and the actions that we can take to consolidate our business’s success and image.”
Jon Moon, Managing Director

“The Hills BARK BLOWER company has grown over the past 13 years from a two-truck operation to a large fleet. Our business idea is a good one, but the message needed to get out to our specific market. I needed someone who could understand the technical aspect of our business as well as promote the benefits. Penelope’s Garden has been managing the marketing for us for most of this time, has developed our websites and social media campaigns, developed formal media plans, monitored the effectiveness of our spend, and even given presentations and organised functions on our behalf. I am happy with the continued results provided.”
Leanne Sansom, Owner
Oakvale Farm and Fauna World:

Penelope’s Garden has created a full marketing plan and implemented it in consultation with us over a three year period. We have a warm and approachable business and our animals provide many  PR opportunities that we weren’t taking advantage of in the past. Penelope’s Garden has generated free publicity for us as well as helped us focus on spending our marketing energy in the most sensible places. Our image is consistent across all media now and we are doing well in a difficult small business climate.”
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